1. How do I qualify for complimentary trips?

Trips are given complimentary based on your casino play, not your tier points or Reward Credits.  Every casino calculates your play by using the number of your trips, the length of play, your average bet and your losses.  Slot play usually rates a higher score than video poker & table games.

2. Why am I able to go on some trips free, but others I can’t?

Every trip can have a different criteria set by the casino.  It may be based on dates (holidays, special events, etc), charter or commercial air and proximity to the trip.

3. How many tier credits do I need to qualify for complimentary travel?

Tier credits have no regards to complimentary trips.  Tier credits are used by the casino for their reward programs.  Reward credits can generally be used to cover food, tickets, etc.

4. 1. If I travel with your group, will I lose my reward credits?

No.  If you travel with us, credits will not be deducted for your airfare or your hotel stay.   You may still use your reward credits on the trip to cover other expenses where available.

5. 1. I was able to travel free on my last trip, but now I am not. Why?

With every trip you take, your qualifications may change.  Player ratings are generally updated every 3-6 months.  If your play level changes, you may be rated differently.

6. 1. I have received offers directly from the casino, am I able to use those with you?

Yes.  If you have an offer, please let our hosts now.  We can give you the same offers & sometimes even more!

7. Can you use my play from Harrah’s to qualify me for other trips?

Yes.  As your casino host, we are able to use your play at all the casinos you book through us to qualify you for other group trips.

8. 1. Why should I call Pair-a-Dice for Cherokee when I can go online or call directly?

Calling us gives any level player to a host team.  If you are our customer in Cherokee, it enables our hosts to consider special requests we make on your behalf (i.e show tickets, host cash, reservations during prime time, etc.)  If you are not our customer, it is more difficult for our host team to say yes.  In addition, confirming your reservation with Pair-a-Dice is the only way to receive your Cherokee play to qualify you for charters, VIP trips, & cruises.